Real Estate

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Romania’s recent boom in the domestic real estate market has been unprecedented in our country’s history.

Whether you are a land owner, developer, retailer, financial institution or state body you will most probably have enjoyed success in this exciting area of the Romanian economy.

Our Real Estate practice has grown during this time and enjoyed the success of this boom. This allows us to provide clients with expertise and advice on all aspects of real estate law.

As real estate develops into a truly global industry, our ability to quickly and efficiently provide legal services in structuring cross-border investments and transactions is vital. Our clients value our resources and local delivery including private and public companies, equity funds and government institutions.

We offer a full range of services in areas including acquisitions and disposals, construction, financing, hospitality and leisure, land use, planning and development, leasing, environmental law, insurance and tax. Our clients benefit from our experience in arranging complex, long-term projects that involve drafting documentation, facilitating negotiations, navigating legal and regulatory issues and, when necessary, litigating on their behalf.